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Finding new prospects for your sales is one of the biggest challenges for insurance agents. You often rely on referrals, roadshows, or even canvassing while trying to find more reliable and efficient ways to engage new customers. The question now is how can you easily engage new customers and have the potential for your sales?

Luna Park Media is here to introduce you to the effective method of finding new potential customers. We offer you a Lead Generation service that has been known in helping insurance agents to boost their sales since 2016. Our Lead Generation service provides active and contactable users that surely will benefit your telemarketing activity to promote your products and services.

With our years of experience, we have been working closely with our insurance clients to know what their needs are, because we believe that each client has different needs and their own unique way to approach new customers. Luna Park Media is glad to help you as your consultant to increase your insurance sales.

Through Luna Park Media Lead Generation service, we offer you the best service with benefits such as:

PDPA Compliant Leads

Luna Park Media offers you PDPA compliant leads where we only provide you with potential customers that have given their clear marketing consent to receive promotion from our clients. And with Luna Park Media, we got your back for your concern in getting insurance PDPA leads.

Targeted Leads

Set, aim, and shoot! It is beneficial for you to get targeted leads. With our unique method of generating leads, we help you to provide leads based on your demographic requirements. If you’re still unsure of the target market, you can sit back, relax and let us know. With our experience in providing insurance leads, you can simply let us know your product and we will help suggest what is the suitable market for you.

Freshly Generated

With our own unique way of generating leads on a daily basis, Luna Park Media offers you a high volume of quality leads that is accurate and validated through our system.


Start promoting your products with our reliable leads Imagine having quality potential customers, wouldn’t it be great? Reliable leads are needed in finding potential insurance customers through telemarketing. Luna Park Media offers you customisable pre-qualified leads which will fulfill the volume you and your team need. Not only we offer a contact number, we will support you with details that will help you in defining what products suit best with your customers.

Tell us your product and we will help you to seek your potential customers!
From health insurance leads to investment leads, we got you covered. Our leads works well for products such as:

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"I engaged Luna Park Media for my business and it has been the best decision I have ever made. Their work has exceeded all my expectations, they are very affordable, and they will do whatever you need them to do. Luna Park Media helped me out with my requirements and adhere to all of it. If you are looking for leads for your team, then look no further!"
Michael Chen

"I have been working with Luna Park Media since 2018, and up until today I still look for them to supply my team with contactable leads. With a good quality, they supply leads at an affordable rate. Thumbs up for their fast response for our needs."
Zheng Xin Yu

"I am a newbie in the insurance industry and Luna Park Media has been a help for me to decide which type of market that i should approach. And the result was excellent."
Ashraf Najib

We understand your concern on getting a high rate of contactable leads. Our service includes replacement leads for wrong and invalid numbers.
You only pay for the leads with no extra charges. The cost of the leads are varied depending on your target market. Get a free consultation now to know more about the charges.
With our fast system, you will receive the leads on the same day as your payment.
It’s not complicated to place an order with Luna Park Media, simply drop your message here and our representative will contact you to have further explanation to help you in placing the order.
We offer you targeted leads where you can choose the demographic of the market that you want to approach. You can filter the leads based on gender, age group, residential status, and even income range.

For further inquiry, do not hesitate to drop your message and our team will reach out to you!

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