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Do you need new customers to increase sales?

Do any of these apply to you:

  • I need more customers
  • find more buyers for my product or service
  • increase my sales
  • build up my customer database
  • find new methods to prospect for more customers
  • build up my database or list of target customers

Looking for B2C Leads? Contact us to learn how our leads can boost your sales. Does your business need more customers or do you need to increase your sales by building up your consumer base? How does one go about sourcing for new customers/leads when you have already done everything for customers to find you? If you are looking to build up your customer database, prospect for new consumers for your service/product or to simply increase your sales - we have just the right solution for you. Lead generation is a proven method that is complementary to other forms of marketing and has the potential to grow your business well beyond your current customer base.

What is Lead Generation?

A marketing approach which acquires new users/consumers/customers with the intent of capturing their interest in a product or service.
Basically, it is the creation or compilation of a list of qualified customers for your brand with a variety of online marketing methods that target precisely based on internet users actual interests and preferences.

These methods try to create or capture the customer’s interest for any product or service.

You can then contact these high quality real time users who have expressed their interest in your product. Such customers are more likely to convert compared to other methods of acquiring them.

How does it help me increase sales?

A typical marketer spends a lot of time promoting their brand via social media, search engine marketing and display. What are the click and conversion rates of such methods?

With B2C online lead generation , you can customise the way you would like to identify customers that are likely to convert.

We have a multitude of methods that can assist you to grow your customer database in unique ways that you most probably have not tried before. These new methods open up a new segment of customers who show an interest in your product/brand.

How can I grow my customer database?

Surveys - Survey questions are placed on our website to capture the interest of users flowing through the site. The audience pool is unique and we phrase the questions in a way that appeals to this particular audience. Through this method consumers are referred to your product or service based on their interests.

Email Marketing - Our constantly growing database can be targeted to your preference. We can do age, gender and interest targeting. We can also customise the templates which produces higher click rates.

Customised lead acquisition - We can customise a variety of marketing methods for you. Our high traffic websites allows for unique solutions to acquire new leads. Contact us and we will make you a specific proposal!

Is this compliant with the PDPA?

The PDPA and Do Not Call (DNC) Registry were introduced to provide people with their rights to protect their personal data.

At Luna Park Media, we ensure that we only collect data with the user’s full consent. The PDPA assists us in this aspect as we are very strict and transparent about our privacy policy and obtaining user’s consent.

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