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Affiliate Marketing in Singapore Malaysia and Indonesia

Affiliate marketing for publishers

We provide opportunities for a steady revenue stream for publishers with traffic in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our affiliate system helps thousands of website owners to increase their revenue streams.

We have clients who we help finding new, worthwhile customers. We do this by connecting brand influencers and consumers, who are interested in our clients' products and services. By connecting with you – a content publisher and networker – we hope to help our clients grow their customer base.

What do you get in return? By joining our affiliate program, you can expect high payouts through our state of the art tracking platform. Using our affiliate network, we monetise local traffic in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia through our best performance campaigns and optimised conversion flows. We guarantee on-time affiliate payments so you can sit back and watch the money roll in.

Affiliate marketing for advertisers

Do you want to grow your customer base? If you are a company looking to grow your customer base, we can help! Through our network of quality publishers in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, we can increase the amount of traffic coming to your website and signing up to learn more about your offers. We consult our clients to achieve the best conversion and create a sales funnel from website traffic to actual sale.

We are the only affiliate networks with a such a strong focus and headquarters in the South East Asia region. Our performance marketing simply works out for our clients. With our large affiliate network of quality publishers we are able to tap into a great pool of independient traffic sources. This together with our experience in designing well converting campaigns make these programs work for you and your business.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is state-of-the are from of internet advertising that pays only on performance. It is a great and convenient way for businesses to advertise. Advertisers pay when a conversion takes place so compared to other froms of online advertising it is much easier to manage and control budgets. In comparison campaigns on Google or Facebook are paid per click so as an advertiser you have a much bigger challenge controlling cost and meeting your tragets.

Affiliates generate new customers for businesses, by getting the word out about these companies and offers, generating traffic to the website, leads and sales. In return, these affiliate marketers are rewarded with a payout for their efforts in helping with sales leads.

There are different types of affiliate campaigns that pay on the basis of different user action:

  • CPL (cost per lead) campaigns
    This is when an affiliate sends a customer to the company’s website and they complete a form. They are then paid for each sign up. CPL offers are the most common form of affiliate marketing campaigns.
  • CPS (cost per sale) campaigns
    This is when customers are referred from affiliates directly to purchase goods and services from the client. The affiliate is then paid based on the success of the sale.
  • CPA (cost per action) campaigns
    The term CPA can refers to all types of action that a users needs to perform in order for the affiliate being paid. Most CPA campaigns are actually CPL or CPS campaigns as described above but in principle it is also possible to construct campaigns where the action is a more complex conversion which may also involve several steps.

Best affiliate marketing network in South East Asia

Whether you are a business looking to grow your customer base, or an affiliate looking to earn additional income, our affiliate marketing platform will help you succeed. Our own in-house uncapped campaigns for Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have very competitive payouts and the highest conversions. As a publisher with quality traffic you can register with the the Luna Park Media affiliate network to get access to the best campaigns in the region. If you are an advertiser and want to grow your business with affiliate marketing please contact us to discuss your requirements and get advice on how to create a successful campaign.

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