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SMS Marketing Singapore

Connect with Singapore consumers through SMS Marketing

At Luna Park Media, we provide you with fast and reliable solutions to reach your target market. At this day and age with mobile phone ownership reaching an all time high of 98% in Singapore, the fastest and most reliable form of advertising would be sending out bulk text messages. SMS marketing is undoubtedly a quick form out outreach with high instant open rates. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is basically sending out promotional short texts to your defined group with their permission. Interacting with your potential customers via SMS or text is a much faster and easier method.

This short message service is a form of mobile marketing which broadcasts advertising messages. 

How does it work?

If you are looking for more customers, looking to reach out to a wider audience or have an promotion which you would like to send out a mass blast to - contact us right away and we will brainstorm an idea together with fantastic rates.

You simply 

  1. Provide us with the landing page (page you wish to direct the potential customers to) if any
  2. Provide us the message to be sent
  3. And let us know your target or preferred audience you wish to send out your advertising message to
and we will do the rest! With our vast expertise in the digital field, be rest assured you will receive the best strategic advice to grow your business.

PDPA, DNC and SPAM Act Compliance

The Spam Control Act was introduced in Singapore in 2007 to limit and control email and mobile spam. The Act seeks to protect consumers from receiving unsolicited bulk SMS without prior and informed consent. At Luna Park Media, we only provide you with lists of customers who have given their permission to receive marketing messages. We ensure that all customers lists/leads in our database are compliant with the DNC Provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012.


We provide both the DATA and the platform to send out the blast reducing the hassle of you searching for a database.  The database can be segmented and targeted thus ensuring you reach out to your preferred audience only.

Our database also allows for automated personalisation. Such personalised touch points serve to engage the audience further increasing your marketing goals.  Our SMS lists are PDPA compliant and have opted in to receive promotional messages. We only send your marketing messages to recipients who have given prior and informed consent.

Why us?

With an all time high open rate of 90% for SMS within 5 minutes of delivery, advertising promotions via SMS marketing has several benefits for your business 
  • Instant results with a high outreach and high open rates
  • We have a ready supply of customer lists in our database that would fit your target market
  • Reach out to your preferred target audience only
  • Low cost with no set up fees. Only pay for what is delivered
  • Direct Customers to your landing page immediately
  • Fast and reliable method with customers not requiring WIFI/3G to receive messages
  • No hassles of searching for a database. We provide both qualified leads and the SMS marketing service
  • Personalise your messages to your liking
  • Completely legal due to PDPA compliance
Have your marketing communications and advertising sent out to your preferred audience in the most effective manner via SMS Marketing.  Contact us now and blast away! 

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