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SMS Marketing

In this digital era, SMS (short message service) is undoubtedly one of the most favoured marketing methods available for any kind of business. The large pool of users and high instant open rates are two of many distinguishing features of SMS marketing. Based on the current statistics, mobile phone penetration in Malaysia is almost complete, which means, nearly everyone in the country - a total of roughly 31 million people - could be reached through text messages. This makes messaging the advertising method with the highest consumer reach in Malaysia. Given it's high response rate and impact it is also one of the most cost efficient ways to directly target customers.

In simple words, SMS marketing is basically a digital marketing method in which we send SMS to big numbers of the recipient in a short time. Reaching potential partners via text message is one great solution for speedy and easy advertisement delivery. The content of the text message is adjusted to our client’s needs so they can achieve their goal through our service.

How SMS Marketing Works?

Are you looking for new customers? Or perhaps trying to boost your sales to a wider audience? Are you considering SMS marketing to promote your business but not sure where to start? You can easily contact us and we can conjure up some ideas together. Once we agreed on the terms, after that you will need to:

  1. Give us your landing page in which you intend the potential customers to visit. If you don’t have any landing page, or you can put the phone number for customers to call instead. Alternatively, we can help you creating a well performing page - just let us know the objectives of your promotion.
  2. Provide us with the marketing message to be sent.
  3. Let us know your target audience you want to reach out to.


We are not only providing you with the platform for the text delivery but also the database that we generate daily through our own websites. We have a vast and fresh database, so we can segment it specifically to meet your request. Our SMS list also allows automated personalisation so that the message sent could be more engaging for the audience, that way it could increase your sales and benefit your business.

Personal Data Protection Act Compliance (PDPA)

Luna Park Media will only provide you legal customer list that is compliant with the Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and Communication and Multimedia Act 1998. The customers in our database were already given their consent to receive marketing messages via SMS.

Why Luna Park Media?

  • We are experienced in delivering secure and reliable bulk text message service for advertising to a varied range of clientele.
  • Relatively lower minimum booking with competitive price point.
  • High outreach range and open rate, you can see immediate results.
  • Reach out directly to preferred customer pools; your targeting can based on their age range, gender, income, residential status, race, area, and even marital status.
  • SMS can be sent based on your preferred time of the day.
  • Low cost with no setup fees, pay for what is delivered.
  • Direct audiences to call to the inserted number (SMS Call-in Campaign) or to your desired landing page (SMS Call-out Campaign).
  • Customers don’t require WIFI/3G to receive the SMS.
  • Fresh Database which generated daily available, you don’t need to bother searching for more.
  • Personalisation available to comply with your needs.
  • We ensure you that our leads are legal due to PDPA compliance.
For more details regarding this particular service, do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing superior assistance and support to help you get on board!
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