Customer Acquisition

Lead Generation for Singapore Beauty Business

Are you looking for a constant supply of fresh high qualified B2C leads for your beauty business? Or are you struggling to bring down the cost of leads to make the most out of your time and expense from generating one? You have come to the right place! At Luna Park Media, we provide you with a constant supply of PDPA compliant high qualified leads to boost your beauty business through lead generation. Get your free consultation here!

B2C Leads for Beauty and Aesthetics Companies

There are over a hundred beauty and aesthetics companies in Singapore, varying from hair treatment, beauty facial, body slimming, to manicure and pedicure. But how many of them are actually able to constantly generate fresh new valuable customers? More than 90% of the population in Singapore owns a smartphone. The time people spend on their smartphone is much more than what they spend on watching tv or reading papers. It used to be that the only way you could sell your product was to advertise via paper advertisements and tv commercials, with the addition of getting them to take a specific action. They may no longer be a cost effective method due to its mass target market. Presently, there are more and more options for generating beauty leads in Singapore. It varies from SMS marketing, email blast, to advertising on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and many more. As a marketer in the beauty industry, you may have already spent a lot of resources generating new beauty leads. Find out how you can get beauty leads through a cost effective method.

Acquire New Customers for Beauty Industry through Lead Generation

Are you looking to generate new leads to close sales for your beauty business? At Luna Park Media, we can help you increase beauty sales by providing fresh PDPA compliant leads that have consented to direct marketing and have expressed interest in your product/service through lead generation. Be it leads for telemarketing needs, or direct sign up on your landing page. A sales lead generation is a strategy that involves generating consumer interest for a product or service with the goal of converting that interest into sales. Instead of doing the 'one size fits all' marketing approach, we help you identify your best converting target market and advertise with the right message.

Online Lead Generation

We deliver prospective leads that have expressed interest in your brand with your best converting target profile.

SMS Marketing

Reach out to a wide audience based on your target market with a personalized message to promote your beauty offers.

Email Marketing

Blast premium emails to massive audiences with interactive creatives to make a personalized approach.

Social Media Ads

Create content on social media platforms to promote your beauty products or services, connect with the right audience and drive sales.

Why Clients Choose Luna Park Media

PDPA Compliance

By collecting only PDPA compliant leads, we remove all legal complications. All leads generated have consented to receiving promotional messages from you

Targeted Audience Profile

By targeting your best converting target market, we save you the time and unnecessary expense

Consent-based Prospects

We provide you with leads of prospects that have consented to be contacted by you

Fresh Potential Customers

We provide you with qualified leads or potential customers that are freshly generated

Lead Generation Campaigns Made Simple

Luna Park Media generates leads for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our lead generation method is fully in compliance with the PDPA. With our lead generation campaign, your ad is shown to the most relevant customers. Make your every contact count.

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