Customer Acquisition

NZ telemarketing leads and B2C database

Higher Return on Investment through pre-qualified leads

Our lead generation projects are tailored for the needs of our clients. With our methodology, you can enjoy
  • High response and closing rates
  • Delivery of fresh leads to your call centre
  • High quality, accurate data with validated phone numbers
  • Hot prospects pre-qualified through extensive consumer surveys
  • Database segmentation and targeting according to your objectives to increase conversions
  • Legally compliant leads
Better response rates and lower cost improve your ROI.

Compliance with the Privacy Act

All our leads are fully compliant with the New Zealand Privacy Act. We collect data directly from consumers who provided to be contacted through telemarketing, by SMS and through email. Each lead is validated and there is a complete record of how the consumer's consent was given. Fully transparency on the data collection differentiates us from any other provider of consumer leads in New Zealand.

Success Case Examples

We have ten years experience with providing consumer leads in Australia and New Zealand. At Luna Park Media, we offer fresh leads who consent to direct marketing and prospects who are interested in your services via Lead Generation. We help agents obtain higher closing rates by providing high quality defined audiences who are most likely to convert.
  • Some of the largest life insurers in New Zealand are among our clients. We provide a steady supply of new leads to their call centres
  • One of our clients providing pet insurance has sold thousands of policies from the qualified leads provided by us
  • We support the fundraising activities of many charities. Through telemarketing calls to people interested in supporting charitable causes our clients acquire new donors
  • A major telco is selling broadband contracts based on the qualified leads we provide for their telesales
  • We build the customer base of online retailers through leads for their product newsletters

Free Consultation

We offer free consultations to new clients in New Zealand. Contact us here to share your requirements and campaign objectives. We will provide a free advise on how to achieve your telemarketing objectives through targeted lead acquisition. We will also review your existing telemarketing script or landing page (if applicable). Start growing your sales with quality compliant data.
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