Customer Acquisition

Marketing and Lead Generation for the Beauty Industry

Marketing & Telemarketing leads for your beauty packages sales

Are you looking for more customers to close sales for your beauty packages? Marketing is becoming a challenge in this day and age with competition coming in from every angle. There are just way too many beauty ads being shown to customers offline and on social media.

Do the following challenges apply to you to grow your base?

  • More people are becoming skeptical of your methods using influencer marketing and endorsements
  • Traditional methods like door to door knockings, road shows and street canvassing takes up too much time and effort but has little payoff
  • Huge amounts spent on MRT, TV and bus advertisements with little to none conversions
  • Unable to source out for more leads that match your defined target audience
  • Inability to close sales with uninterested leads who only aim for freebies
  • Running out of unique ideas to outbid competitors
We have the right solution for you!

Be it facial, weight loss, hair care and spa services, we have the right customised solutions for you. We provide you with pre-qualified high performance leads for your sales. You can easily multiply your sales and customers with our one-to-one customised lead generation methods. We provide a unique method to generate high volume of consumer leads to solve your current marketing needs.

Why clients choose us?

Several beauty clinics/outlets are constantly on the hunt for leads that convert well for their offerings. However they struggle with even sourcing for these leads in the first place.

At Luna Park Media, we offer you only fresh and PDPA compliant leads who consent to direct marketing and prospects who are interested in your services via Lead Generation.

We help beauty outlets and clinics obtain higher closing rates by providing high quality defined audiences who are most likely to convert.

Lead Generation is an online marketing method that is becoming a hot favourite amongst beauty companies to obtain qualified leads. With our successful one-to-one customised methods, you can enjoy the following benefits..

  • We help you identify your best converting target market omitting the hassle of unwanted efforts and budgets spent finding them.
  • We only provide you with leads that have consented to receive marketing messages or calls from you.
  • We ensure higher conversions rates by providing the most relevant leads for your offerings.
  • We provide you with a constant supply of fresh and accurate potential customers.
  • We omit all legal complications by collecting only PDPA compliant leads.

Success Case Examples

* Beauty centre A offers high end facial and weight loss services that requires leads from a certain income group only.
Beauty clinic B offers the full hair care, weight loss, facial and spa services but struggle with finding customers to purchase packages.

Traditional methods have proven unsuccessful for them in searching for their target market in such cases. They purchase fresh leads from us targeting this defined audience. Narrowing their search efforts and focusing on their preferred prospects has thus yielded a high close rate.

Are these leads PDPA compliant?

Yes, we only pass you leads that have fully consented to direct marketing. Data is collected with full transparency on our end.

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