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Quality B2C Lead Generation Malaysia

Looking for B2C customer database in Malaysia?

As experts in quality lead generation for 10 over years, we can provide you with the right solutions to your sales needs.
Speak to us today to to find out how we can assist if the following applies to you!

  • Constantly looking for fresh databases to promote my products or services
  • Can’t find sufficient supply of leads for my telemarketing team
  • Need to increase my sales/hit sales targets but unsure how to
  • Exhausted all my current referrals
  • Have a target market in mind but do not know where to source for them

Our proven method of lead generation is just for you!

What is Lead Generation?

A proven marketing method to acquire new customers with an intent or interest in your products or services. This marketing strategy compiles a list of qualified and targeted customers for your brand/service with a variety of online marketing methods. It specifically captures the consumers interest for any product or service as opposed to mass marketing. A marketing approach which acquires new users/consumers/customers with the intent of capturing their interest in a product or service. One can then contact these high quality real time users who have expressed their interest in your brand.

How will this help me?

A huge portion of the marketing budget on traditional and digital marketing yielding little to no results. A lot of time and effort is spent on this.
With our B2C quality lead generation methods, you can let us do the work while you receive a steady supply of fresh targeted leads everyday. We offer customisation which will help you to identify your best converting target markets.
With a multitude of unique methods like surveys, targeted email and sms marketing, one can be rest assured they only need to pay for interested users saving you tons of money!

What will I get?

We supply you with the database to grow your sales. The database supplied can be targeted based on your best converting demographics. For example, If you have a particular location, age range or any form of customisation in mind, we can do the filtering for you.


The Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act 2010 serves to protect the personal data of individuals. At Luna Park Media, we ensure you only receive consented leads which are fully compliant with all Malaysian laws and regulations.

Still unsure?

Still unsure if our methods will work for you? Fret not! Simply contact us for a free no obligation chat and we can come up with a cost effective method that works for you!
As long as you are looking for B2C leads, we will be able to assist you. We have several years of experience and can work with the following verticals/industries (not limited to)

  • Insurance agents/agencies
  • Banks
  • Health and Beauty
  • Charities

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