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Qualified Database for Insurance Sales in Malaysia

Best telemarketing leads for direct-to-consumer insurance business

Boost your business growth by generating high quality insurance leads and acquiring new customers with us. Find out how to get more insurance clients and improve your ROI by targeting the right audience. Generating qualified and high quality new customers are essential for growing your insurance sales. How to achieve favourable results by targeting the right audiences is one of the major key point to Improve your ROI.

  • Are you an insurance agent or a company whose currently looking for database of new insurance client leads?
  • Having difficulty in finding new clients for your insurance plans?
  • Want to know how digital marketing helps to generate insurance sales leads online?
  • Do you wonder how to market insurance products and where to find a quality prospect list for insurance?

Why Us?

We are here for you! Luna Park Media gives you solutions for those issues. Get a free consultation to boost your insurance sales and telemarketing results today!

We have ten years of experience providing new customers to our clients from various insurance companies, insurance agencies and financial advisors in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and many other countries across Asia Pacific. We have contributed to boosting our clients' sales with our daily feed of fresh targeted insurance leads. Database that we provide is also can be tailored to meet our clients' needs.

With our lead generation, we help our clients to obtain higher closing rates by providing high quality audiences who are most likely to convert. Lead Generation is a proven method that currently very common to be used by many insurance companies for telemarketing or cold callings leads to reach desirable results. Here are some of the benefits of using our database:

  • We deliver you a fresh telemarketing insurance leads
  • Validated email and phone database
  • Defined target audience based on your objectives to increase your closing rates
  • Legally compliant Database by The Malaysian PDPA 2010
  • Affordable cost per lead

Qualified Database

Our daily generated insurance sales leads already pass through our validation system so they are ready to be used for your direct telemarketing. We also ensure that we only collect data with the user’s consent that satisfied the PDPA compliant regulations. We guarantee that we are fully responsible for the database that we pass to our each of our clients.

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