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Lead generation is an online marketing method that is well developed and established in Australia. Luna Park Media provides lead generation services to clients in various verticals. Our clients include diverse sectors such as telemarketing leads for insurance and utilities, email subscribers for retail newsletters and acquisition of donors for charities.

A lead is a pre-qualified prospect who has expressed interest in your brand, product and service and has consented to be contacted by you to learn more about your offers.

Lead generation in Australia is regulated under the Privacy Act 1988 including the Australian Privacy Principles and other Australian regulations such as the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 and the Spam Act 2003. Luna Park Media provides consumer lead data fully compliant with these regulations and in line with ADMA's Code of Practice.

Luna Park Media acquires thousands of new customers for our clients through various lead generation projects. Our leads are collected directly from internet users who consent to direct marketing, meet precise targeting, show a strong interest in our clients' offers and are highly active consumers. Our clients enjoy high ROI and peace of mind with our fully compliant consumer leads.
Luna Park Media provides leads that meet the highest standards in the industry:

  • precise targeting to match our clients' product and service offering
  • carefully defined trigger points to capture consumers' interest
  • highest ROI and lead performance
  • stable lead supply to your call center and newsletter database
  • transparent opt-in process and clear consumer consent
  • strict data hygiene and validation to ensure highest data accuracy

Online lead generation provides the most cost effective and high volume supply of compliant consumer data. With more than 18 million Australians being online and an internet penetration of more than 80% and still growing the internet is the channel with the strongest reach. The Australian online advertising market is close to $3 billion this year. Lead generation through online campaigns is taking an ever increasing share of this as companies focus on immediate ROI.

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